A PERSONAL ASIDE FOR THE HOBBY COMMUNITY: Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to the Sinigaglio Family

It is with profound sadness that I report that the wife of Buddy Sinigaglio, Alynda, recently passed away unexpectedly. Tragically, she was only thirty-two years old, and leaves behind her husband and two young children.

For those of us, like me, who have been in the wargaming hobby for many years, Buddy — along with his father, gaming icon and designer, Bruno Sinigaglio — has been a regular fixture, first at Avaloncon, and then at WBC conventions virtually from their inception. In recent years, Buddy’s lovely wife, Alynda, occasionally accompanied her husband and her father-in-law, Bruno, when the father and son made their annual WBC pilgrimage to Pennsylvania. Alynda seemed to take the peculiar demands of the convention tournaments in stride, and she was always a sparkling and cheerful presence whenever she ventured into the gaming areas. Her passing is a tragic loss to her family, and to all who had the pleasure of meeting her.

The thoughts and prayers of all of us who know the Sinigaglio family go out to them in this time of loss and mourning.


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