To correct the failure of SPI to include some type of Move and Fire Phase Chart to assist players in keeping track of their individual turn operations, I have posted a Game Track that I designed myself as a “player aide” for anyone who owns a copy of MUSKET & PIKE. I hope that those of you who decide to use this Turn Sequence Track find it useful.


Click for Adobe Acrobat .PDF to download best printable version.

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SPI,MUSKET & PIKE: Tactical Combat 1550-1680 (1973)


  • Joe

    The PDF version isn't there anymore-that's what my computer tells me :(

  • Never mind-As soon as I clicked on the picture up it came ;)

    By the way-you should post this over on Consimworld in the games folder

  • Greetings Kim:

    You beat me to it! I had just finished checking the "player phase track" to make sure that it hadn't disappeared into the ether when your second message came in.

    So far as posting it over at, I have to confess that I am still learning my way around the CSW site and have really only begun to check out the many options that CSW offers: in all honesty, I typically spend most of my time staring at my keyboard trying to think of something worthwhile to write for my own blog.

    However, the good news is that -- while I'm still in the process of learning the CSW ropes -- Eric Walters has been linking some of my SPI posts to one of the sites over at So, it is possible that, by the time I actually locate the "games folder," Eric may already have linked to this particular "play aid".

    Best Regards, Joe

  • I tried the PDF again and it say's The Google link isn't there.

  • Greetings Kim:

    If you you click on the Adope acrobat prompt at the bottom of the page, you should be able to link to the player phase track.

    Best Regards, Joe

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