What Topics Would You Like to See on This Blog in the Future?

An Open Letter to My Visitors

Now that this blog has been up a few days, I thought that I would solicit ideas from my visitors for future topics. As I indicated in the blog’s opening description, I expect to discuss a variety of different game-related issues in the coming days. However, I would be interested to know which game topics and types of posts (i.e. discussions of games about the Napoleonic Wars, North African Campaign, Civil War, etc.) my readers would like to see in the future? If any incoming suggestions are within my personal area of experience — that is: if I can discuss the issue without looking like a total ass — I will put them into my “to do” file as possible topics for upcoming entries. And while I began this blog with posts about out of print SPI games, I certainly also intend, sometime in the future, to discuss a number of the older titles published by Avalon Hill and GDW, among others.

Thanks for visiting,

P.S. I should also note that, while I am planning to do a number of future “game analyses” type posts, my digital camera is currently out of action, so I will probably have to wait until I can get it fixed before I do many more. These types of write-ups are difficult to present without relevant (non-archive) photo illustrations.


  • This is Scott again. I am in a civil war period myself at the moment, but there are several East Front games I have been collecting over the years in the hopes I would one day find somebody to play them with -- so even though I may be hard-pressed to provide meaningful comments, I would certainly pay attention to any discussions. The list includes:

    Turning Point (thanks for the post on that one)
    War in Europe

    Avalon Hill
    Russian Front
    The Russian Campaign
    Panzergruppe Guderian

    Fire in the East
    Scorched Earth

  • Personally, I am very happy with the vein you are in! While I spend more time playing late-SPI era (1977-1981) because they had hit that perfect balance of graphic quality and completeness of rules, I do love remembering the older games that I played but now rarely pull out! Nice job on Kursk, and on Breakout & Pursuit! I had pulled that on out within the last year, so that is great! Many thanks!

  • Scott, Joe -

    I should mention I finally got to play a few games out here on Long Island! One of them was an old favorite of mine, Russian Campaign. The person I was playing had the newer L2 copy, which was a little hard for an old guy like me to adjust to, but the game was just as fun as it ever was. Always happy to read anything about that game, too!

    Also played Wooden Ships & Iron Men for the first time in at least 20 years. It was still enjoyable as well! (I spent the summer in Erie, PA, and passed the "You may fire when ready, Gridley" marker a few too many times, I guess!)

    Good to see your notes, Scott, and thanks for the invite, Joe!

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