“Warning Will Robinson, extremely long post ahead!”

This is a brief heads-up to warn visitors that the following post on the 'KURSK ‘71' July 4th (Free Deployment) Scenario is really long. How long you ask? Approximately 7,300 words, so hit the “read more” button at your own risk.

This post grew out of a collection of notes, diagrams, and letters that somehow collected in my 'KURSK' game box over the years. In any case, for those who have the stamina to plow through this minor opus, thanks in advance for your interest.

On a related topic, the essay that originally got me thinking about this topic appeared in Moves Magazine many years ago. For anyone who can actually get their hands on a copy, the article in question is Mark F. Teehan’s “Kursk in Parallel,” (Moves, nr. 22). For what it’s worth, I strongly recommend it.


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