A Personal Aside on Military Service: a Family Tradition

A proud uncle takes a minute to salute his Marine nephew …

Someone from every generation of my family has worn our Country’s uniform going back at least to my Great, Great, Great Grandfather who served in the 6th Louisiana during the War for Southern Independence, so it seems fitting that I acknowledge the service of the latest member of our clan to volunteer to take up arms for his fellow Americans, my youngest nephew: Joe. Everyone in our family is proud of his commitment to duty and his willingness, as a U.S. Marine, to do the hard things in far-off places that preserve the life that we all know and take for granted. He, and all of the other service men and women who daily go into harm’s way on our behalf, are constantly in our prayers. They truly do represent the very best that our Country has to offer. As a former soldier and a veteran of the Viet Nam War, I salute this young Marine and all of those who serve along side him.

Joe and me at his Marine graduation. (I’m the fat guy with the cowboy hat.)

Joe and four other members of his team during field training.


  • PFC Joseph T Beard USMC

    my uncle is a great man who served his country just as his father did before him. the military runs in our family and we seem to be very good at it excelling in our fields. i want to say thank you uncle joe for serving and helping lead me down my current path. so from nephew to uncle i love you and hope all is well.

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