Proving yet Again that there is no Fool like an Old Fool: This Blogger’s flawed play will soon be exposed for all to see in an AFRIKA KORPS Series Replay that will be hosted by Russ Gifford

For those visitors who periodically drop in to check out my Blog, it is probably apparent that I have not been posting very much new material of late. I haven’t really been AWOL from my favorite hobby, however; instead, I have been writing commentary for an AFRIKA KORPS Second Round PBeM Tournament Match between Greg Smith and I that will soon be posted by computer guru and game expert Russ Gifford as a “real-time” Series Replay. That’s right: a Series Replay just like those that used to appear years ago in the General; only this time, the turn-by-turn action will be posted on line. The other difference is that, in the case of this Replay, the match is still in progress and the final outcome is still very much in doubt. Happily, present day technology should make for a much clearer and more detailed presentation of the game as it plays out: the maps will be much larger and crisper (thanks to VASSAL) and the commentary will be much more comprehensive (longer) because of the flexibility of the internet as a medium. In addition, to make sure that my every stumble and lame mistake is exposed, neutral play-by-play analysis will be provided by long-time player and tournament grognard, Scott Goehring.

I am posting this notice now, because it is possible that Russ’ site may actually go active within the next few days. Once this Series Replay is up and running, a hyperlink will be posted in a permanent “Replay Box” in the right-hand column of this Blog. Hopefully, that will make it easy for some of my visitors — many of whom have probably silently scoffed at several of my attempts at game analysis — to see what a pushover I actually am when it comes to real live competition.

I can’t wait for the match to finish so that I will be able to visit the Replay site, myself. So, if this sounds interesting, please continue to watch for the formal launch of Russ’ new site; I think that you will find it amusing!


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