I'm Back At Last And Ready To Resume Blogging!

For those regular visitors to "Map and Counters" who have been following my latest round of computer-related problems, I'm pleased to report that it looks like the transition from my old (and faltering) laptop to a (hopefully) more robust and durable desktop is now complete. Thanks to the tireless efforts of my wife (who had to do most of these transfers after finishing long days of her own at the office), my files have now all been successfully transferred and, barring something unforeseen, I expect to be able to resume publishing fresh material in the next day or two. Of course, after a month-long break from writing, it will be interesting to see just how quickly I can return to my previous and, time-wise at least, relatively demanding blogging routine. On the plus side, I already have a number of projects in the works so my return to the keyboard certainly won't be the challenge that it would be if I was starting out with absolutely nothing in the "idea hopper".

In a slightly different vein, it is no doubt obvious that the last few weeks have been a bit frustrating for me; therefore, I am especially grateful to those of my regular readers who have been willing to offer both thoughtful advice and more general encouragement: your help and comments have all been welcome and appreciated. In addition, I also want to extend my sincerest thanks to all of my blog's visitors (whatever their individual gaming interests) for their loyalty during this month-long publishing "dry spell". I am profoundly grateful for this support.

Finally, as noted in a previous post, my long holiday away from the computer keyboard has allowed me to revisit a number of titles that, for one reason or another, I have tended to ignore of late. The Avalon Hill "classics", STALINGRAD and WATERLOO, for example, are personal favorites of mine that, because of their age and limited appeal, I have largely skipped over in my previous essays: this is an oversight (in deference to the grognards who visit my blog) that I plan on correcting in the coming months. I also expect to offer new "game profiles" on a few more titles from Rand Game Associates (RGA) and Operational Studies Group (OSG) to compliment my regular quota of SPI, Avalon Hill, and GDW games. Moreover, my extended time at the game table has also rekindled my interest in writing a new batch of "game analysis" essays; hence, I expect to tackle at least a couple of games in this way (Dunnigan's interesting, if under-appreciated NATO being one of them) before too much more time passes. In the end, I suppose that it could be said that my hiatus away from blogging has had at least one signal benefit: it has reminded me that there are a wide-ranging collection of gaming topics about which I still have the desire to write. And given the fact that I have already published over three hundred posts on "Map and Counters", that, in and of itself, is probably no small thing.


  • I'm glad you're back and excited about the upcoming posts that you've hinted at. Thanks for keeping the classics alive!

  • Greetings John:

    Thanks for your encouraging words!

    Yes, there's nothing like a month-long break from a regular routine to eliminate the sort of "tunnel vision" that tends to take hold when one (pretty much) does the same thing day after day. I am also a bit excited about revisiting some of these older games, particularly because of their relative obscurity among the ranks of contemporary gamers. Who knows, one of my essays might even be enough to induce a younger player or two to give one of these great old games a look!

    Best Regards, Joe

  • I admire your writing and style. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to reading about some of the titles you have planned.

  • Greetings Kevin:

    Thank you for your kind words and for your interest; I sincerely appreciate both!

    As I indicated in this post, I am starting back to work, although, to be honest, I am still stumbling along a bit as I get used to my new computer set-up. Still, I'm sure that once I become comfortable with the new keyboard and mouse things should begin to pick up steam.

    Thanks again for your support and
    Best Regards, Joe

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