General George Washington and Old Nelson,
The Prayer at Valley Forge, by Arnold Friberg

Another year is rapidly approaching its end and thus, it is again time to take note of the onset of the Holiday Season. Regrettably, last year's somewhat melancholy Thanksgiving post seems only too appropriate as we gather with friends and family to celebrate this year's holiday. Much has happened since last Thanksgiving, but sadly, very little seems to have improved from last year to this. Nonetheless, in keeping with the original spirit of this special day of Thanksgiving and Community renewal, I still remain hopeful that next November will see a happier holiday, for many of our fellow Americans, than this one.

As we again celebrate Thanksgiving with our families and friends, let us take a moment to remember all those whose lives and circumstances have been made more precarious by our Nation’s current economic problems. And let us also remember those who presently serve in faraway places on our behalf. This year, like the one preceding it, has been a challenging time for many Americans, but let us hope and pray that the year to come will be better and more prosperous for all of our fellow citizens, both friends and strangers, alike.

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