I have returned.

In view of the fact that it has been over ten days since my last post, I thought that I would offer a brief explanation for my uncharacteristic silence; and no, I didn’t opt to take a brief break from blogging. Nor have I been on vacation. Instead, the reason for my recent halt in publishing is much more mundane: my computer crashed (thanks again, Microsoft!) and it has taken a week-and-a-half to get “Explorer” back up and running properly.

Fortunately, when I ran out of ideas — which happened almost immediately — I was able to call upon my very knowledgeable friend, Russ Gifford, and also upon my patient and computer-savvy wife, for help. It was through their tireless efforts that we were finally able to isolate and then solve my computer problems. For this, they both have my undying gratitude; moreover, for better or for worse, it is completely due to them that I can now resume my regular blogging.


  • Blog away, my dear fellow, blog away! :)

  • Joe Donnelly, Victoria, Canada said...

    I only discovered this site a few weeks ago, but I wanted to let you know that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts, particularly the game reviews and impressions.

  • Greetings Joe:

    Thank you for your interest and for your kind words; I appreciate both.

    Best Regards, JCBIII

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