Discounts on BPA Membership Fees for 2010 will Expire Soon

It’s hard to believe, but it is actually that time of year again. Although the WBC Convention in Lancaster, PA is still a little over eight months away, those gamers who are planning to attend this or any of the other premier gaming events that are hosted by the Boardgame Players Association should start making their arrangements now. This means, among other things, that you “grognards” out there all need to renew your BPA memberships for the 2010 convention season.
Time is running out, so those gamers who wish to vote on next year’s WBC events and who also want to receive a discount (and who doesn’t?) on their BPA membership fee for the coming year should mail in their BPA dues and 2010 WBC event ballot on or before January 2, 2010. Not only could Don Greenwood use the cash right after the Holidays, but a December membership renewal enables next year’s convention attendees to save a little money on their BPA 2010 tournament entry fees; more important, it also allows interested players to vote on their favorite game titles for inclusion in the 2010 WBC tournament event calendar. And if all that weren’t enough, those players who mail in their dues for a “sustaining” or higher level (read: more expensive) membership before the year’s end also get a “free” BPA tee shirt. How can anyone turn down a deal like that?

To register or renew your BPA membership for the coming year’s tournament and convention events, click on this link to the Boardgame Players Association website 2010 membership page.


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