I just received notification from eBay that a small auction of mine was cancelled because of "shill bidding." One of my relatives bid on and won an item in one of my earlier auctions. This was my fault, and not the fault of the bidder who was, I know, acting in good faith. I am embarrassed to admit that I had recommended that this person visit my blog for ideas on different conflict games as well as military history book titles as possible gifts for yet another relative. My major fault, which I acknowledge, is that when I discovered that this relative had bid on and won one of my game offerings, I went ahead and collected payment and let the sale go through, not wanting to create any problems for the buyer. In retrospect, it would have been much better to have contacted eBay and had the bid cancelled immediately.

As anyone who has bid on the many games or magazines that I have offered in the past will attest, many of these offerings go out at the minimum, and more than a few never receive any bids at all. That is just how the bidding process goes on eBay, so I never really worry too much about what any individual item brings in --- they almost always surprise you. In the end, it usually all evens out.

In any case, for anyone who was inconvenienced by my lapse in judgement, I sincerely apologize. I tend to forget that now that I have a blog, there may be friends and relatives who have now become more interested in games and gaming, and that the potential for overlap --- given eBay's very strict auction rules --- between this blog and my eBay activities represents a sensitive boundary that must be carefully preserved.


  • EBay is a nice service - that said, they never manage to find cases of actual shill betting, yet happily penalize someone like you because a BUYER happens to be related. Extremely annoying.

    PS: Let me know when you are selling. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with that copy of Drive on Stalingrad that I purchased from you. PERFECT condition!

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